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Basic Powershell #1 - Restarting a Remote Service

This latest lunchtime session was born out of necessity rather than thirst for knowledge. The client that I work for has many pcs and servers across a number of domains. A multitude of Operating Systems and (Software and Hardware) configurations often necessitates the use of a technology other than RDP to connect to PCs/Servers remotely. For this purpose we use Symantec PC Anywhere. Sometimes this is desirable – when connecting to a user’s pc it allows us to guide them through a particular process (in the same guise as remote assistance), sometimes not – when an RDP connection would do the job just as well and a little bit quicker.

A frustration I have with our outdated version of this software is that the host service on the remote machines tends to die at random or does not always restart after a reboot, meaning that boxes that I attempt to connect to are invariably in a random state – as often as not the host is down. There are 2 solutions I normally use:

1) Ask the user (if t…