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Adding functionality to Nopcommerce's admin screens without copying and pasting existing views

IntroductionNopcommerce's plugin engine is fairly powerful, providing extension points to expand core functionality. A sizable ecosystem has been built aroudn these extension points. When it works, it adds a lot whole lot of value. However, oftentimes required extension points do not exist, and extending the platform becomes much trickier.In the past I have made modifications directly to the Admin site, but this leads to maintenance pain and I much prefer a plugin approach. In this post, I'll outline how I developed a trivial plugin, adding a button to the Order List screen, without duplicating any code.BackgroundFor a long time administrators on my site have been able to print delivery labels from the Order List and Order Details screens. This requires adding a button to these screens, adding some Javascript to these screens and also adding some controller code. The result looks something like this:
As of right now, Nopcommerce does not have much support for admin page modific…