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2010 - The Year of the eBook–A Comparison of Technical eBook Publishers

I officially declare 2010 the year of the eBook. In July I purchased an iPad – my first eBook reader – and my reading habits have changed somewhat dramatically. I am buying more than ever, reading more than ever and my thirst for knowledge has skyrocketed – a result, I believe, of accessibility to my whole library anytime, anywhere.My physical to digital (2009) transition from CD to MP3 highlighted a single important fact – I am a hoarder. Sure, I love to read and I love to listen to music. But probably not as much as I like to collect things, hoard things and, as I believe is often the case with those who like to hoard (embarrassing as it is) to show off those collections…there’s nothing quite like a bookshelf full of intelligent looking books… :-)In the 6 short months since I bought the device I’ve built up a substantial technical library (and a non-too-shabby non-technical library) of digital books. I’ve purchased from pretty much every technical eBook vendor in the .NET space with…