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github–Clone in Windows button not working???

Make sure you’re logged into github in your web browser prior to clicking the clone for windows button. Silly as it sounds, this just cost me 20 minutes of my life. On the one hand, the webpage should tell you to log in (if you haven’t already done so) upon clicking the button. On the other hand, you can’t fix stupid :o)

ASP.NET MVC–Model Error Visualizer

To scratch my own itch (so to speak), I created a Visual Studio visualizer for ASP.NET MVC, allowing ModelState errors to be seen at a glance. This is particularly useful when debugging async requests when and modelstate are not displayed on screen. The visualizer works on the ModelStateDictionary type, iterating through the dictionary and presenting any errors and the associated property name in a datagridview (see the below screenshots).I built this with VS2012 RC, but the code is simple enough that it should be trivial to modify it to work with older version of VS. The code and download are up on github. Just drop it into your Visual Studio 2012 Visualizers folder and you should be good to go. Feel free to use and abuse (and fork) it in whatever way your heart desires. Links in debug modeExampleFor example, when I turn client-side validation off on the default Razor web a…

Book Review–The Tangled Web

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this title from O’Reilly