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Mac Software I Can't Live Without

I've had a Mac Mini for a few years now, but have continued to use a Windows box as my daily driver. I've decided I want to get into IOS and Mac OS development and recently ordered a new MacBook Pro. With that in mind I've been working to build up my collection of applications - below are those that I use and value the most. I'm always on the lookout for good development/design/productivity applications - let me know if you have any recommendations.Alfred (with powerpack)Mac OS has an embarrassment of riches with respect to available 3rd party launchers. The in-built Spotlight is actually pretty good and reminds me of the Windows 7 "run" functionality (I assume spotlight hit the market first…) which I use countless times daily. There are many great alternatives, however, allowing applications to be launcher, files to be found and commands to be executed with ease. I ended up using Alfred (with powerpack) mainly because of its simplicity and low barrier to ent…

Using localtunnel to allow external access to IIS Express