Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Issues with default git editor

June 30, 2015 Posted by Jason , No comments

Sublime is my editor of choice, but I guess at some point in the past I used Textmate as I recently started running into some Textmate-related issues when pulling code from GitHub. Effectively, when pulling code from GitHub for a merge. I got an error stating that the mate command could not be found.

$ git pull origin masterFrom github.com:jasonirwin/repo * branch            master     -> FETCH_HEADCan’t find TextMate.app (error -10814)error: /usr/local/bin/mate -w died of signal 6error: There was a problem with the editor '/usr/local/bin/mate -w'.Not committing merge; use 'git commit' to complete the merge.

I assumed the issue was related to my global git config or my bash profile but, after much digging, the issue was in fact caused by a GIT_EDITOR environment variable

$ echo $GIT_EDITOR/usr/local/bin/mate -w

Unsetting this variable got things working again


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Intel Quick Access breaks Sublime Text Hot Keys

June 04, 2015 Posted by Jason

CTRL-ALT-UP and CTLR-ALT-DOWN are two hotkeys that I use *all the time*. They’re used in Sublime to execute multi-select on the previous/next line. Mulit-select is one of those features that is difficult to live without once you’ve experienced it and when I set up my new laptop the shortcuts didn’t work correctly.

As it happens those same shortcuts were kidnapped by Intel’s graphic features. What once made me productive was instead hijacked to rotate my display clockwise and counter-clockwise (not something that the majority of people would need a hotkey for, but I digress…)

Anyhow, one would assume that disabling hot keys via Intel’s Graphics Options menu would do the trick, but alas it did not.

Instead it is necessary to override each hotkey via Intel’s HD Graphics Control Panel (thanks a lot, Intel)

I’m back to running at full speed with keyboard-invoked multi-select in tow. Happiness.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Windows 7 - %windir% is not recognized as an internal or external command

June 03, 2015 Posted by Jason

I’m in the process of getting acquainted with my new work laptop, a Lenovo W550s. I’ve had the laptop for a couple of weeks now, and very recently, and randomly, strange things started to happen.

I started getting weird error messages when I attempted to perform any kind of system related tasks and couldn’t modify the domain I was connected to.

Icons in the start menu (Command Prompt, Paint, Snipping Tool, etc.) changed from meaningful to generic, indicating that something was wrong.

I came very close to reimaing by brand new laptop, until the realization that %windir% was not accessible led me to the hunch that my path was corrupted. It wasn’t corrupted, it was just too long. While my user path was short and sweet, the system path environment variable was full of garbage, weighing in at 2164 characters, full of references to varying pre-installed lenovo and intel software. After some more digging it appears that Windows can handle up to 2048 characters but no more. After saving out the old path I removed a bunch of (what I perceive to be) junk, rebooted, and things are back to normal. Phew!