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The exec task needs a command to execute

I received this ridiculously inane error message when attempting to compile a visual studio 2008 solution this evening. I spent some time investigating as I had just upgraded the solution which was originally created in 2005.

In fact the issue was caused not by the conversion but by an empty line in the pre-build event box. I know, I know - it was sloppy of me to leave an empty line in the first place but this is another example of a wonderful IDE let down by silly little bugs - I know for a fact that the microsoft corporation has the ability to remove empty strings!!! In the end I manually removed the empty string and all returned to normal - a few more minutes of my life that I'm not getting back :-)

justinguitar - sometimes I love the Internet

Disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with software development.

As I write this from my new iPhone 3g (sorry, I had to gloat) I can't help but realize that 99% of the content on the Internet is complete garbage. Of course that is completely subjective (and does not apply to this blog) but it is rare that I find something online that i feel the need to shout (read "blog") about.

I've owned a guitar for as long as I can remember and been unable to play it for even longer...which is why I am so excited about I am in no way associated with the site nor do I have anything to gain by posting about it. This being said, this site is amazing!! Justin provides lessons in written and YouTube form. The real beauty of the site is most definitely his gift for teaching. Lessons are provided in both guitar theory and (user requested) songs. Video lessons are extremely clear with closeups of both the chord and strumming patterns. Lessons are perfectly d…