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Balsamiq Mockups

I'm breaking my (unplanned) blogging hiatus to write a review of a screen mockup tool, Balsamiq Mockups, that I received a copy of late in 2009. While I had hoped to write a couple of technical posts before my next round of tooling reviews (for fear of becoming a sellout) I have a couple of posts that I am eager to get out there that will deal specifically with tooling and have decided it is better to post something than nothing. Without further ado…Over the last two years I've been moving from a development to PM role and screen mockups have become one of my core competencies, part of my job that I really enjoy and something that I have spent an enormous amount of time on. While some favor interactive demos I find screen mockups, at least early in the design phase, to be a very cost effective medium for requirement elicitation. They require little technical skill to develop, are quick to create and are cheap to throw away.Until now my major issue has been finding the right to…