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Getting started with NDepend (part 1 of n)

Full DisclosureA couple of months back I was offered a complimentary license to NDepend by a member of the NDepend team. The hope was, I believe, that if I liked the tool I would blog about it. As it happens, I like it very much. I am as unbiased as can be and feel that constructive criticism is the greatest motivator for improvement. I plan to share my opinions (both positive and negative) without remorse. The PlanI plan to write a mini-series of posts on this topic, with this first one serving as a high level overview. In a recent post I mentioned that I was about to go live with a small eCommerce site based on the Nopcommerce open source application. The project is now in production and I need to do some refactoring to reduce the footprint, improve code quality (to my liking) etc. etc. Now is a good time to do it and NDepend will help in a big way – hopefully we’ll all learn something along the way.IntroBack to this post…so what is NDepend? Essentially NDepend (and it’s non .NET si…