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Stanford School of Engineering Lectures

"In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, theory and practice are different"

I sometimes struggled as a college student to grasp the relevance of the computer theory I was being taught. Theory is well and good, but not always practical and in the wild the ability to program the Fibonacci sequence 10 different ways is completely unhelpful and mildly embarrassing :o).

Funny it is then, that after a few years as a professional developer, I find myself harping back to this theory in essence attempting to better by development skills from the ground up. While it is easy to hack away without the theory I see now the importance of what I learned (and largely forgot) years ago. The reading I do is shifting slightly from code based tutorials to the kind of textbooks I read as an undergrad.

It was with excitement that I came across Stanford School of Engineering's three-course Introduction to Computer Science, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unit…

What a morning...

Repeat after me, "reports is for interface, reportserver is for reportserver"...This morning I spent the best part of 30 minutes trying to determine why a SSRS report was visible through the reporting services user interface, but not when through a ReportViewer in my ASP.NET application. No matter what I tried, I kept receive a "The request failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found" error message. As a developer I contemplated every possible Report and ReportViewer property configuration before realising that I was pointing to the reporting services user interface, rather than the server itself... There is quite a large difference between: http://myserver/reports and http://myserver/reportserver
Hopefully, this will save someone else out there flogging the same dead horse (as the saying goes). Happy coding!