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Review - Croll & Power's Communilytics Master Class

Quick SummaryI was eager to watch these videos but didn’t know what to expect. Happily I was met with excellent content, explained by an entertaining an knowledgeable instructor in a very well-produced package.IntroductionLike many developers, I am proficient in conceptualizing, designing, planning and implementing solutions, but after product delivery – when it comes to marketing and optimizing products for their target audience – my skillset thins out a little. While there is a wealth of information out there but finding cohesive and up-to-date information is near impossible. I was therefore excited to receive O’Reilly’s title Croll & Power’s Communilytics Master Class for review. Production QualityThis is the first O’Reilly video series that I had watched and I approached the title with slight trepidation. The Master Class is the recording of an in-person class that has been formatted and made for sale. I’ve seen similar offerings from other vendors in the past where production…