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Visual Studio Toolbox – Items missing

Today, a team member asked for help with a Visual Studio issue he had just run into. In short, his Visual Studio toolbox was acting strange and was essentially unusable. The toolbox was blank and clicking Reset Toolbox (though it took forever) did not help. Clicking Show All Items did in fact show ALL items, but they were greyed out and unusable. After trying everything under the sun to fix the issue we figured that there was something profile-specific going on and, after browsing his local settings, came up with the following fix:Close all instances of Visual StudioNavigate to the following directory (I am using 2008 – for a different version change the 9.0 to reflect the correct version number/folder)%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0You should see four files:toolbox.tbdtoolbox_reset.tbdtoolboxIndex.tbdtoolboxIndex_reset.tbdMove these files to another folder (or, if you are very brave, delete them altogether. Note, this is very much a case of “W…

Damn It!!!

I just noticed the grace period for free updates to Resharper 5.0. Anything on or after October 15th qualifies for a free update. I got mine on September 13th :-( Do you think they’re using the Gregorian calendar? On a serious note, having won the license I really can’t complain and am in fact pretty excited about the new features in 5.0. I’ll have to finish off my CodeRush vs Resharper redux to figure out where my hard-earned cash will go…