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Review: Computer Science Programming Basics in Ruby

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this title from O’ReillyComputer Science, more than any other field I know of, poses a difficult balance between theory and practice. It is difficult to understand the theory without having some practical knowledge. It is difficult to teach the practical aspects of Computer Science without a solid foundation in theory. I'm years into my development career and still discovering the true value of CS concepts I was able to mentally retain long enough to sit an exam. I wanted to review this book for 3 reasons: 1. I am on a mini ruby kick at the moment and am reading/viewing everything I can get my hands on 2. I wanted to see how Computer Science was taught from a non traditional language (C/Java) standpoint 3. I wanted to fill any holes in my knowledge and/or revisit what I've already forgotten The book is a short read, at 188 pages, yet does an admirable job of providing a basic overview of both the core Ruby programming language and some f…