Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SSMS 2008 and CTRL-N (Control – N)

March 10, 2009 Posted by Jason , , 5 comments

Like most developers I learn my doing or, in the case of my work laptop, by installing and using lots and lots of Software. The result: performance issues. Terrible, terrible performance issues. Over the last few weeks everything from opening Outlook to building a project in VS 2008 have grinded to a halt. This weekend I performed the first rebuild in 18 months….

The problem:

My setups is the same as before, same OS, same Visual Studio versions, same SQL installation…I had heard rumors that some of my shortcut keys might break, depending on how I installed SQL, and only this morning did I notice that two of the keystroke combinations that I use most often in SQL Server Management Studio 2008 – CTRL-N (New Query), CTRL-SHIFT-M (Specify Values for Template Parameters) were missing!!!

If this isn’t a bug, I implore you to tell me what it is:

The (ugly) Fix:

Playing around a little I found the keyboard settings under Environment in Tools->Options. The options were simple – standard (the default…) or SQL 2000. There are some newer shortcuts in 2005/2008 that I didn’t want to lose – but none that had as great an impact as the aforementioned CTRL-N and CTRL-SHIFT-M. I switched to SQL 2000 and lo-and-behold the commands worked again.

Switching back and forth between the two schemes in order to determine what I was gaining and losing I noticed something interesting: when I returned to standard the CTRL-N and CTRL-SHIFT-M combinations stayed in tact, along with my SQL 2008 commands!!! The best of both worlds I guess….