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Source Control Musings

The associated image (you may have guessed) is not of a real book but was created via and is of course a satirical take on the world of version control. Note in particular the poignant pun on the word 'source' in the sub-title - feel free to laugh out loud if you're not already doing so :-)
This post will hopefully pave the way for some more technically oriented content regarding source control systems - specifically subversion - over the following weeks and months. Source control is something that is close to my heart because a) I feel it is fundamental to software development and is at the center of any good development process and b) in my current role I am somewhat responsible for items of this nature.

In recent months I have become somewhat frustrated with the source control system currently used at the office and, while it would take a pretty thorough pitch to sell another versioning system (not to mention the accompanying migration process and user training) it woul…

Blogger Woes!

Recently I posted about syntax highlighting in blogger (see link). Everything ran smoothly up until the point that I changed blog themes, and then all hell broke loose. My highlighting broke and any code snippets appeared as ugly small text boxes before I noticed just a few days's a little embarrassing to post your knowledge of something only to find out that your examples are broken.

Anyhow, since I've made a number of updated to the blog lately I figured that I'd messed something up. I find the code for blogger a little bit dirty with all sorts of widget and includable tags making up the page - I had a fun time debugging my code in an attempt to find the issue. The error console in firefox pointed to the fact that a variable dp (see previous post) was undefined.

On closer inspection, it appeared that my whole javascript section with the syntax highlighting functions was compressed into a single line and this appeared to be the root of the issue. Try as i might, …