Thursday, June 4, 2015

Intel Quick Access breaks Sublime Text Hot Keys

June 04, 2015 Posted by Jason Irwin

CTRL-ALT-UP and CTLR-ALT-DOWN are two hotkeys that I use *all the time*. They’re used in Sublime to execute multi-select on the previous/next line. Mulit-select is one of those features that is difficult to live without once you’ve experienced it and when I set up my new laptop the shortcuts didn’t work correctly.

As it happens those same shortcuts were kidnapped by Intel’s graphic features. What once made me productive was instead hijacked to rotate my display clockwise and counter-clockwise (not something that the majority of people would need a hotkey for, but I digress…)

Anyhow, one would assume that disabling hot keys via Intel’s Graphics Options menu would do the trick, but alas it did not.

Instead it is necessary to override each hotkey via Intel’s HD Graphics Control Panel (thanks a lot, Intel)

I’m back to running at full speed with keyboard-invoked multi-select in tow. Happiness.