Monday, December 17, 2007

Free Visual Studio 2008 Training???

December 17, 2007 Posted by Jason Irwin , , No comments
A colleague of mine sent me a link for some free Visual Studio 2008 Training. Neither he nor I have ever used innerworkings content, nor do we have any affiliation or experience with the organization, so i can in no way endorse this software. However, if you are adventurous like me, and are interested in learning a little more about 2008, this may be interesting.

The promotion is split into 3 optional components:

* New Features in C# 3.0 (1 hour)
* New Features in VB 9.0 (1 hour)
* LINQ to SQL (1 hour)

Once I have taken the training i will blog my opinions/comments. However, if you are interested in doing so before then (and apparently this is a limited time offer) go ahead and take a look at the link below: