Friday, January 18, 2008

Certification: Making it Count

January 18, 2008 Posted by Jason , No comments

2008 is going to be a busy year. Work is heating up, and I've decided that it is time to put my knowledge into a more tangible form - that's right, I'm going to get certified.

This has been my plan for a while now and I decided to cough up the cash for one of Microsoft's MCPD training kits. Fortunately for me angelab of 'Ravings of a Developer TS' ( fame posted a link this week to a company giving 45/50% off these titles.

I've never used this site, so do not in any way vouch for them, but I trusted it enough to by my first set of certification books . Free shipping was the icing on the cake.

Check out for more details. Happy studying!