uncaught exception ReferenceError: AjaxControlToolkit is not defined

I was working on an ASP.NET side project and, upon deployment, was unable to perform a number of functions that worked just fine in my dev environment – all were GUI related and all seemed to point to issues with the Ajax Control Toolkit controls used within the site. Loading up the chrome (my  browser of choice) javascript debugger I noticed the following error message:

uncaught exception ReferenceError: AjaxControlToolkit is not defined

I am packaging the application using a Web Deployment Project and apparently the issue is related to the Ajax Toolkit’s Scriptmanager having difficulty in resolving assemblies – this makes sense because the Web Deployment Project is packaging the assemblies differently than they would look in the standard BIN folder. The workaround in my case was to update my code (a single line) to use the ASP.NET’s built in Scriptmanager instead of using the Ajax version. I had no defined reason to use the Ajax version instead of the ASP.NET version, so this doesn’t really pose an issue – though I do plan to play with the Web Deployment Project and determine if it is possible to package the assemblies so that they can be resolved by the Ajax Scriptmanager.

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