Sunday, August 9, 2009

Windows 7 (Build 7100) – Program Icons Disappeared

August 09, 2009 Posted by Jason Irwin 4 comments

I recently ran into an odd bug with Windows 7. I am running build 7100 and don’t yet know if this pertains to the recent RTM release.

After running the Beta (which was extremely stable) for a few months, I woke up one morning to find that my Program icons had disappeared. Clicking on Start->All Programs resulted in the following:


As you’ll notice from all the icons in the background – I haven’t been keeping my desktop (or PC in general) too tidy. Knowing that I was running in a beta led to the thinking that i’ll reimage it soon, so can trash it now. As it happens, this general untidiness led to the disappearing icons.

The following link suggested that Windows 7 (at least the 7100 build) could only handle approximately 70 shortcuts in the Program menu. Apparently I had recently installed a few more applications that sent me over the top.

The solution was to delete a few items from my programs directory. This was achieved by:

1. Clicking Start

2. Right Clicking on All Programs

3. Left-clicking Open to view the shortcuts installed only for my username (and clearing the clutter) and Left-clicking Open All Users to do the same for shortcuts installed for all users on the box.

Simple, right?