Monday, November 7, 2016

Siri not working on Mac OS Sierra

November 07, 2016 Posted by Jason Irwin

I've been holding out on rebuilding/reimaging my 2012 Macbook Pro in the hope of picking up a 2016 model. Underwhelmed by this year's offerings, I went ahead and rebuilt this evening.

Everything worked well in its vanilla state, but after installing a bunch of dev tools Siri on Mac OS Sierra failed to work. Clicking on either Siri icon and/or holding the prescribed keyboard shortcut did nothing. No error, no nothing. This happened on my prior build. I logged the issue with Apple's beta feedback team but the conversation was fruitless (despite me sending a video of my actions, the rep asked if I was holding the shortcut keys or merely pressing them...) and I temporarily gave up on Siri on Mac OS.

I'm unable to prove it at this juncture but suspect there is something installed as by Donne Martin's awesome dev tools that somehow conflicts with Siri, but cannot be 100% sure without further testing. I'm including this comment not to disparage his setup scripts (they are the first thing I run any time I rebuild) but to provide a fix in case one of the installed tools is the culprit.

Fortunately, I ran into a discussion thread on Apple's support forums indicating tha the problem stemmed from the notification center process being disabled. The steps to fix the issue are as follows:

1. From a terminal:
* launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/
* killall NotificationCenter

2. Disable and re-enable siri

3. Reboot